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  • Created with love, FOXIE&CO

    We are a family of 2 adults, our baby girl, 3 cats and 1 pup. Based in East Auckland, mum (myself, Karla) started FOXIE&CO after 14 years of w...
  • Cat Dad Carpenter

    Our Cat Dad Carpenter's latest project - double raised feeders crafted from reclaimed Rimu My husband was a cat dad (of two) and an amateur woodwo...
  • Some slime seasoning on your cat food, Foxie?

    Fluffy things are friends. This is what our toddler has learned recently. This also means that she is at a chasing-and-patting, and sometimes - gra...
  • FOXIE&CO's best dog walks #1: Mellons Bay

    Living in East Auckland gives us easy access to some of the most beautiful dog friendly spaces. 

    Mellons Bay, one of our friendliest local beaches, is where our dog Jessie first learned to swim. He has made tons of friends, fetched countless sticks and raced lots of pups here.

    Read on to discover more about our favourite local walk.