Cat Dad Carpenter

Cat Dad Carpenter

Our Cat Dad Carpenter's latest project - double raised feeders crafted from reclaimed Rimu

My husband was a cat dad (of two) and an amateur woodworker before Millie our third kitten, Jessie our pup, and our baby girl came along. I guess there was more time for slow, mindful hobbies back then. 😉

A few years back, when we were first married, our first set of grown up lounge furniture were in fact built by him.

Our dining tables and benches, coffee and bedside tables are made from solid lengths of rich, red kauri taken from Farm Cove school's old gym lockers. They were demolishing the old building - modernising - and we were fortunate enough to reclaim old hardwood that would have gone to the dump.

Breakfast table, made from cousin's leftover fencing
Breakfast table, made from our cousin's leftover floorboards

Since then, we have slowly added to (and refined) our handmade, reclaimed wood collection of benches, tables, desks, drawers, chests and baby furniture. I imagine what we would have spent on designer furniture were instead spent on tools.

Office desk, made from an old closet door
Office desk, made from an old closet door from baby's room and inlaid with offcuts

These days, with a full time job, 3 cats to entertain, a dog to walk, a baby to care for and chores to complete, woodworking afternoons are few and far between. For a creative cat dad however, inspiration is everywhere.

Toddler furniture, made from wood reclaimed from Farm School Cove lockersToddler furniture, made from wood reclaimed from old Farm Cove gym

There's an uncanny warmth to the moment a pet parent feeds a pet. The smallest of chores, completed in minutes, infused with a sense of something akin to joy. It's a fleeting feeling difficult for me to describe - but I imagine it's an experience shared by many of us, Lovers of Pets.

And so our Cat Dad Carpenter's handmade, reclaimed wood, raised feeders were born. First we made cat bowls for our three cat kids - but we were quickly running out of leftover kauri. Luckily for us, our friends have their own projects.


Our first set of reclaimed wood feeders for FOXIE&CO are made out of pine wood walls removed from a good friend's first home in Pukekohe - a young couple with a doer upper and a dog, and now also, with a newborn baby girl. 

Raised pet feeders, made from old pine walls of a friend's 1st home reno

Raised pet feeders, made from wood taken from a good friend's 1st home reno

We are very lucky to have access to beautiful, recyclable material and to the generosity of friends and family (who think of us when there's something to destroy!) And we are incredibly proud of our very own Cat Dad Carpenter. 

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As always, we hope you enjoy our collection of pet gear as much as we enjoyed the making of them. 

With love, from FOXIE&CO 






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