Created with love, FOXIE&CO

Created with love, FOXIE&CO

FOXIE&CO family

We are a family of 2 adults, our baby girl, 3 cats and 1 pup. Based in East Auckland, mum (myself, Karla) started FOXIE&CO after 14 years of working in marketing so that we can spend more time together as a family.

We have always been lovers of pets. Born in the Philippines, growing up in Australia, and now living in New Zealand, I have always lived with dogs and cats, and have been surrounded with family and friends that are the same. 

I remember growing up with German Shepherds who allowed us as children to climb all over them. They were working dogs, herding geese and pigs on the family farm.

My uncle had a pair of powerful staffies that thrived on long mountain hikes, pulling us children up when the terrain gets too steep, building grass nests when we reach the top of the hill. 

There were goats and cows, and an Appaloosa (named Appaloosa) who would carry our supplies.

I remember our cloudy white Japanese Spitz named Cookie. Clever and motherly, she was my childhood lovel; her son Choco my brother's best friend. Half Spitz, half Chow, he was athletic, intelligent, and in his latter years, extremely patient with our French bulldog puppies. 

In uni, I had my cream coloured frenchie Bravo, who used to run around the village, soliciting treats. In the summer he would sleep in their lounges with the air conditioning on. He lived to a good old age of 14, and is buried under a tree in the mountains on family land.

Bravo the cream coloured french bulldog

In Bondi Beach, my flatmate's Persian Anika - the first cat I really cared for - used to dip her paws in my drink for a bath... I may have unknowingly imbibed many glasses of cat paw water for years 😆

Anika shaved for summer

There have been other animals in between. Rescue dogs and foster cats, guinea pigs and mice, African lovebirds and cockatoos, turtles, fancy fish, tortoises - even a wild musang (native Philippine civet) who used to come in and out of my father's house, sometimes sitting on his shoulder for pats but mostly living in the woods outside his home.

Sam the Cat

We have loved and lost and learned about many animals over the years. And we aim to keep on learning. Today our family of rescues are happy, healthy and loved, making friends with other neighbourhood cats and digging holes in Auckland's Eastern beaches.

FOXIE&CO was born out of the understanding that our pets are family, integral to our childhoods, indispensable to our households, and ingrained in our memories. We adore them as babies, we enjoy every moment of their company, and we mourn them inconsolably as they leave us, always too early.

Our brand is a celebration of this universal, indescribable love. We have created and curated our collection for every dog (or cat or civet) because he is the bestest dog in the dog park. 😉

We hope you enjoy our collection. 

With love from Karla @ FOXIE&CO





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